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While executives routinely have accessed to personal coaches, coaching remains a rarity for the average worker in Corporate America. When such programs do exist, they often focus on making workers more productive, efficient and skilled in their job performance. These programs often indirectly benefit the workers, but their primary goal is the betterment of the company.

Augusta's seasoned approach is to make employees better people, knowing that personal growth will have a direct impact on their productivity. She has proven to be an effective Coach over the past five years because she is able to gain employees' trust and guide them through a rewarding journey of personal enlightenment.

Anyone seeking a personal or professional sherpa would be fortunate to work with Augusta.
John Greathouse, Partner, Rincon Venture Partners Journalist, Forbes, Inc. and The Wall Street Journal
I have had the great privilege and joy of working with Augusta Scott as her coach for the past few years. Her self-awareness, insights, and pure desire to grow are astonishing. She is a perpetual student, always in learning mode. Consequently, Augusta can overcome hurdles and obstacles more quickly than anyone I know. Perhaps that is because she doesn’t see the world in those terms. There are no hurdles or obstacles in Augusta’s world. Only opportunities. The wonderful thing about this is that her clients also get to experience this perspective. I know this to be true because on a few occasions, I have also had the great joy of actually watching her work with clients. It is amazing what Augusta can help her clients accomplish in just 30 days! Her clients feel her power of focus, her steadfast belief in their abilities to do anything they desire, and her genuine respect for who they are. She is loved and admired by all those who have the good fortune to work with her. I am one of those. Unabashedly. Wholeheartedly.
Linda Cassell, CPCC Quantum Leap Coaching and Training
Augusta is not only a wonderful human being, she is one of the strongest and deeply caring people I know. She is 100% there for you and when you need that firm kick in the backside, she'll be glad to give it to you. All of these traits are what makes her an excellent coach. She knows how to motivate people, even those (like myself) who need the kick. And she's GOOD at it without making you feel like a terrible person. My husband and I are well on our way to saving for our first house and Augusta showed us the way. Thank you for everything, Coach!
Wendy Zuccolini Quantum Zapppos
The coaching sessions I received with Augusta Scott helped me achieve my goal of passing the CPA exam. Augusta walked me through the process of how I was approaching my studying habits. Through the sessions, and my "homework" from Augusta, I realized that the roadblocks that were holding me back were based on my choices. We discussed various strategies to overcome whatever excuses or rationalizations I would create, and breakthrough the negative, self-destructive habits. Fortunately, I developed a new approach and I'm happy to say that I passed the CPA exam. In addition, I have applied the tools and strategies I learned from Augusta towards other goals such as physical fitness and managing my time.
Richard Ebanks CPA
Coach Augusta is the best! I've always been accustomed to having a coach, mainly in sports, but never one to help me specifically with life skills and motivation. She coached me through building and strengthening my organization skills in planning and curating one of my albums in which I was successfully able to distribute digitally via iTunes and in stores. It also volleyed one of my records into a major movie release that is currently on Netflix! She built a great habit for me to using a planner, old school, pen and paper; something tangible I can see everyday and make an essential piece to my project planning. I still use a planner to this day! One love!"
Marion Write
Coach Scott's ( or Augusta's) consistent positive results speak for themselves! Her skill, focus and expertise are definitely aligned to help take individuals and teams to the Next Level!
Dr. David Vik Former Coach, Zappos.com
When I co-created the goals department at Zappos.com, I knew we had to have Augusta Scott as our coach. She not only had the connection, care and passion to be the coach, she also had the drive and perseverance to scale the coaching program to serve the entire company. Whether you're looking to Augusta to be your coach, or you're hiring her to help you develop a program, I highly recommend you book her now.
Robbe Richman Former Manager at Zappos Insights.com
Augusta Scott is a CHAMPION for people. With a huge heart and ability to bring the best out of individuals' she will get you lined up with what�s best for you so that you can shine. It's no wonder they call her "The Peoples' Coach". Time with Augusta is time well spent and life changing!
Abigail Statson Coach & Author, Beyond Ego
In the spring of 2015, I had the pleasure and good fortune to participate in the Goals Workshop which was designed and administered by Augusta. I was impressed from the very beginning by the passion and dedication she showed in explaining the program and in working with me on both identifying one of my main sources of personal frustration and setting a realistic goal to improve my situation.

The weekly "homework" we did was broad enough in application to cover a wide array of situations yet personalized enough so that it definitely didn't feel like a one size fits all type of process.

She made sure we kept weekly face to face check in and debriefing sessions and let me know I could always reach out more often if need be. She provided honest and supportive feedback on both my progress and missteps along the way. She had the insight to recognize when I was wasn't being completely honest with myself and steer me back on track. I was successful in my immediate goal and continue the apply the tools and skills I gained.

If you get a chance to participate in one of her Goals Workshops, take it. You won't be disappointed.
Donna Hengen Former Customer Service Manager - 6pm.com
I didn't know what to expect from working with a life-coach; to be honest, I didn't think I needed one. But after meeting with Augusta for the first time I realized what a life changing experience it would be. In our first conversation she was asking all the right questions and setting up a strong foundation for our future meetings.

Augusta understands people and empathizes without judgement. Our time together was a safe space, and I felt free to dig deep and explore things about myself that I wasn't comfortable thinking about before.

Augusta is one of a kind, and without exaggeration I can say that she helped me realize and understand things about myself that I never could have discovered on my own. I am a stronger and more confident person because of her.
Mikelle Laker Former Zappos Brand Marketing Representative

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