Discover what your people are passionate and excited about, and how that can impact your customer service and bottom line!

Executive Coaching & Life Coaching will help take your company and employees to the next level by developing more effective behaviors!

As an Executive Life Coach, I cannot solve all of your company and employee problems. I can however coach your team to resolve the real underlying issues stopping them from achieving their professional and personal goals!

If you are planning a Corporate Event for your company, team, or leaders, then I can offer support to your organization and leaders at all levels that innovate performance and results.

I have worked with companies on the forefront such as Zappos, FitCo, and PetPlan.

My approach to coaching revolves around these topics:

  • What is your purpose for having a coaching program
  • How will a coaching program get more involvement and engagement from employees
  • What metrics will be used to support the coaching program
  • How to align the higher purpose of the coaching program
  • What your coaching program will look like based on the needs of the employees
  • How to make sure your management has "buy in" power
  • How to recognize those employees that participate in the program
  • How to identify the resources needed for the coaching program
  • How a coaching program will increase employee retention by building trust
  • How to increase motivation for employee engagement and confidence
  • How to design the coaching program around the needs of the employees and benefit the company as well
  • How to help employees "dig deeper" for more fulfillment in their current and future roles within the company
  • How to help employees build self-confidence by recognizing their "higher purpose", which will increase productivity and loyalty

What Clients Think

In the spring of 2015, I had the pleasure and good fortune to participate in the Goals Workshop which was designed and administered by Augusta. I was impressed from the very beginning by the passion and dedication she showed in explaining the program and in working with me on both identifying one of my main sources of personal frustration and setting a realistic goal to improve my situation.

The weekly "homework" we did was broad enough in application to cover a wide array of situations yet personalized enough so that it definitely didn't feel like a one size fits all type of process.

She made sure we kept weekly face to face check in and debriefing sessions and let me know I could always reach out more often if need be. She provided honest and supportive feedback on both my progress and missteps along the way. She had the insight to recognize when I was wasn't being completely honest with myself and steer me back on track. I was successful in my immediate goal and continue the apply the tools and skills I gained. If you get a chance to participate in one of her Goals Workshops, take it. You won't be disappointed.
Donna Hengen Former Customer Service Manager,

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