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I was born in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1977 I moved to the West Coast to Los Angeles, CA, where I resided for 23 years. The last 10 years there I worked for Federal Express. I moved to Las Vegas in January of 2000. After a few years, I worked for Nextel Partners for 6 years. When Nextel was acquired by Sprint, I landed at Zappos.com on May 7, 2007.

I have worked in the customer service field for over 25 years. I started in the call center at Zappos on the Customer Loyalty Team. I was a customer loyalty representative, assisting customers on the phone. I loved helping others and for the next 3 years, I took a journey of growth and learning within the company. I learned different skills that expanded my knowledge of the company. After my training, I went on to get my Certification as a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC), at CTI as well.

In December, 2009, Zappos's original coach left the company to move back to the Bay area in California. After 3 years with the company, I was promoted to Life/Goals Coach for Zappos. I received my training at CTI, The Coaches Training Institute in San Raphel, Ca. After my training, I went on to get my Certification at CTI as well.

After 8 amazing years at Zappos, the last 5 of which I coached all team members at every level, I left the Zappos to launch my own coaching, consulting and speaking company. I want to share my passion for coaching others to discover their higher purpose and how to remove obstacles that are in their way!

Augusta Scott, CPCC CEO & Founder

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Augusta's Mission

It is my dream to provide coaching to people who have a dream, a passion that they want to realize. It's not about me, but rather about self-discovery for my clients, of their higher purpose!

Whatever your obstacles are, don't just go around them, learn how to remove them through coaching to your higher purpose!

Let's take the journey together, discover how you can create the space for what you want in your life! What is your mission? What action will you take to get you there?


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