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Are you ready to work with a life coach who is focused 100% to help you achieve what you really want out of life?

Have you ever had trouble achieving your goals? Did you ever wish you had a strategy to change your bad habits? Ask yourself, what would I change if I could? Would a little life coaching help you?

I help people set and achieve goals. I listen to people’s problems and help them find solutions. The focus is on changing behaviors that have a negative impact by finding actions and solutions that have positive outcomes.

Corporate Coaching

Get the most out of yourself and and your team.

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Personal Life Coach

Achieve your personal goals with life coaching.

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Training & Mentoring

Learn how to become a life coach and effective leader of your own life

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Tangible training to cutting edge practices to move your audience

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What Clients Say

While executives routinely have accessed to personal coaches, coaching remains a rarity for the average worker in Corporate America. When such programs do exist, they often focus on making workers more productive, efficient and skilled in their job performance. These programs often indirectly benefit the workers, but their primary goal is the betterment of the company.

Augusta's seasoned approach is to make employees better people, knowing that personal growth will have a direct impact on their productivity. She has proven to be an effective Coach over the past five years because she is able to gain employees' trust and guide them through a rewarding journey of personal enlightenment.

Anyone seeking a personal or professional sherpa would be fortunate to work with Augusta.
John Greathouse, Partner, Rincon Venture Partners Journalist, Forbes, Inc. and The Wall Street Journal

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